Benefits to Your Health  – the most important minerals; calcium, magnesium, remain in the water, leaving you to enjoy clear & clean water without the use of chemicals.

Benefits of Limescale Prevention  – the scale, (calcium) remains in the water in a breakable form, and is easily cleaned.  

It prolongs the life cycle of heating elements and keeps plumbing clean and open for years.

Benefits in saving  - A saving in use of solar heating, gas, or oil, in heating systems. 
Added price Benefit - Zero maintenance costs over 10 years!

Benefits comes with experience - this system has been installed and has worked successfully since 1993 in thousands of private homes, condominiums, large projects, and factories/kibbutzim all over the country.
Approved by the Ministry of Health and recommended by engineers.

Convert limescale into a benefit for You. 
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